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raster wrote: Hello Thomas,

I feel your pain. I just want to say that you will see improvement, and in a few months you won’t even feel like you are in the same ballpark as far as symptoms. The only problem is it takes a lot of time, suffering, and dissapointment.

It can take a very long time to heal from candida; I would think of it more like a cancer or having AIDS…it’s a very serious health condition. It can take years to fully recover from those diseases; with candida I would say the recovery time is much more rapid, as long as 6-18 months or longer. And it sounds like you have had it for most of your life; if this is so, I wouldn’t expect to feel better immediately personally. One of the things you will need most on the diet is patience.

I understand your food woes with tea and other items; all I got to say about this is that you can cheat is small ways with the diet and still recover. If you had potatoes one time, it shouldn’t set you back more than a day or two. Apples might alter your recovery time a few hours. Drinking some tea may alter your recovery time 20 mintues. Eating something spicy wouldn’t be the end of the world. Being really strict is really hard…its all about giving yourself some slack every now and then. I am not saying go out and eat a big bag of candy or anything; but you can reward youself very now and then and it won’t be the end of the world.

Another way to look at the diet is that its like being on an american football field. You get tackled left and right going up the field to the goal, but eventually you will get there if you do it correctly. You need to shoulder the burden, tough it out as well as possible, and continue on until you shine.


Thank you raster, in this battle we have to hear the voice of sanity from our brothers and sisters when the going gets ruff and one doesn’t see clearly where to and how to hit the enemy back. Thanks for helping me in my dark hours.