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Able900 wrote:

I would love to read and understand what is going on in my body. I feel like a captain on boat but the boat is doing what it wants. I really would like to get a handle on things, and control the boat.

Thomas, thank you for answering my personal message.

Aren’t you the man who wrote, “What is – is and the rest is interpretation.”? And you were right, Thomas, what is, is that your infestation is slowly healing as it cannot grow worse under the circumstances, the rest is interpretation.

Sincerely, Able

Dear Able, thank you again for you kindness, and love in action. That you take your time to help a stranger. Thank you.

yes I wrote that and its true, true is too that what you resist persist. And one of my stresses comes surely out of the fact that I don’t want to accept what is and fight it. I believe you and I trust my body that it wants to get rid of the beast.
And I will do what I can to help it win the battle. Therefore I am very keen of knowing, keen on not messing it up out of stupidity. The confusing is a mixture out of fighting what is but it is too a suffering of the mind not knowing if I do everything right or if there are hidden mistakes I do.

It is similar to a guy who is suppose to succeed in a job put in front of him and getting stressed out wanting to do a good job and at the same time being afraid to mess it up.

A typical messy situation is for me the question of tea. Shall I drink herbal mint tea? Its not harmful but good that is if it doesn’t have mould. How do I know if they have. I need sweden bitters but dont find any here without alcohol. So I brew a tea from the original herbs, its doing my stomach good, I feel good in the stomach. But if it too has moulds I feed the candia. Do you see the stress about a single food item. I have the same with Kefir. My stomach feels great, but I get all dizzy and my anus starts itching like hell. Is that a good sign of dying candida and continue to drink the kefir because its good for me or shall I stopp it because the leaky gut cant handle it, or I am allergic to milk products. Maybe even a combination.

This confusion is another then the battle of the mind. Its much like that of a boxer who swings his arms around like mad but doesn’t see the enemy and gets punched hard all the time.

But Able, be assured that you and I will see the victory on my end. I am not giving up, cheating or backsliding ever. And if I come out of that mess I too want to give back helping others to beat that sucker out of our bodies.

always yours