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Hi Raster,

Thankyou for your reply and clarifications, and for sharing your experiences with coffee.

I am taking a probiotic daily and have been for the last year or so. The type I take is made by Renew Life, called Ultimate Flora Critical care. It has 10 different strands of bacteria and a 50 billion count.Do you know anything about this one?

With regards to the probiotics in yogurt and kefir, I’m a little hesitant to consume these foods because I haven’t eaten dairy in almost 5 years (was a raw foods vegan for 4).

I personally haven’t experienced issues with coffee (that I know as such) and don’t think that I have leaky gut syndrome as my digestion is really quite good. The hardest things to give up are likely those that we most need to avoid, and I know this. I like your idea of slowly phasing it out. Have you found any alternatives that leave you feeling satisfied? I was drinking a product made solely from ground black maca (called Xpresso) which was really good blended with water, coconut oil and a pinch of stevia. What do you think about maca: allowable or no?