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This disease is very real and yes you are correct, Doctors know nothing about it and try to make you think you’re crazy. I was on the diet for about 6 weeks and was feeling a lot better. I went to my regular doc for a checkup (type 2 diabetic) and mentioned candida since they were doing blood work anyway. They call me back and say there was no yeast in my blood and ruled it out 100%. Come to find out they were checking for a yeast infection which may or may not be present with candida.

One weekend I ate a few things that were not allowed and boy did the symptoms ever come back strong. It made me remember how much better I actually was at the time when those awful feelings came back.

I will say its a long process though and its not likely to go away quickly. It will take energy and a lot of will power to get through this trust me. My advice would be to read here on the forum until your eyes hurt and take it in little by little. Ask questions because there are a few guys/girls on here who have beat this dreaded disease and are great at helping others do the same.