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Ok, I will manipulate with diet.
Just don’t understand why suddenly I react to food now, even if I was eating this from the Beginning and felt great.

I have no plan for detox at all.

I did salt cleansing last Saturday only.
Felt good and light after that.

Will appreciate any suggestion.

I haven’t been diagnose with candida yet. Instead i have been diagnose with IBS but I don’t believe it, also
When I mention candida, I had the look like I have mental problem. Left surgery with prescription for sleeping pills.

I am not sure if this is candida but diet was helping a lot and I kind of linked this to antibiotics and omeprazole combination.

I have never been so ill in my life. Feeling depressed and scared. I want my life back. Will this ever get better?

I try to research for successful stories but not many of them to learn from, sad.