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sj wrote: Hi Everyone

I’m a bit miffed and confused and was wondering if someone could offer some advice.

I have been increasingly sick for the past 18 months – low immunity, bloating, lethergy, problems concentrating etc and I’ve tried everything but nothing has worked. The doctors weren’t helping so I took it upon myself to get a food tolerance test. I got the results yesterday and in addition to a few intolerances it said I had tested positive for Candida and that I should make an appointment to see the doctor to test whether it was a current infection or an old one and that it can be treatd with anti-fungal tablets.

Last night I read as many websites as I could find about Candida and I began to get really excited because the symptoms seemed to match and I might have finally found the answer and could start getting my life back on track.

Today I saw the doctor and presented her with my blood test result only to be told “conventional medicine doesn’t believe Candida exists, there is no test and no treatment”.

So now I’m deflated and confused. Is Candida real? Do I have it? Should I do a Candida detox diet or would I just be wasting my time? How can they identifiy Candida in a blood test if it doesn’t exist and what does that mean?

I’m beginning to loose faith that I will ever feel healthy again. :o(

Hi sj,

you don’t need to loose your faith because of the doctor. There a millions of people in this world who can attest you of candida. Only because he has some white cloth on and tells you what he believes doesn’t make him an authority. You have to go to people who know, who have been sick and who have been healed.
You have come here to the right group. Read this as a starter and go on your journey of health. After you have been through the war with candida and have come out on the other side healed you will never trust such a doctor again to mess around with your confidence and trust. Why? Because you can say I know, I was sick and now I am healed from that evil sickness.

Start with that and follow the instructions here on the forum. If you have questions write a post as you did we help you further.