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jennyska wrote: The question is, hypothetically, if I was allergic to nuts, I cannot consume coconut oil can I? Because I am assuming that is what might be stopping me from getting better : possible?

Hi, Jenny.

Lots of people believe the coconut to be a nut (after all, we call it a coco-nut), others believe that it’s actually a type of fruit. But actually these huge eatable foods are in class by themselves and are actually called palms, or in this case, a coconut palm. Of course everything has an official ‘scientific’ name, and for a coconut the scientific name is cocos nucifera.

At any rate, all three of the other posts here are correct with their information, and you may even want to read those again. Matt was right on in telling you that most people with allergies to nuts do not react at all to coconuts. The reaction to nuts is usually due to the various molds that nuts can have, but it would be rare indeed for a newly purchased coconut and especially the oil to contain mold.
Also, I’ve never read a research study or a case which mentioned that coconut oil in any way can prohibit a Candida albicans cure.

If you actually feel that you’re seeing no improvement at all, perhaps if you have time to send us a list of everything you’re eating, regularly as well as occasionally, along with a complete list of supplements (with brand names), we may be able to find a reason in your regimen which could possibly prevent a quicker cure.

Also, I’d like you to think about exactly how you felt before you started the diet, which according to your original posts was about a month before joining the forum, and then think about exactly how you felt just before eating all the nuts the other day. Compare the two and see if there are any differences at all in how you felt before starting the diet and now.