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Hello Yi,

Well, one thing I have figured out about you is that you worry more than most people and this isn’t a healthy mindset. But I worry too and so does a lot of people with health problems. Its perfectly natural.

Is it worth it to be worried about your new symptoms? Well yes…if you say its bad, then I believe you.

What bernie would recommend and likely help figure out is what organ is acting up. Is it the small intestine? Is it the pancreas, spleen, or liver? It could be any of these and they are all related…

What types of supplements would bernie prescribe? Well, he likely would give you some standard process supplements such as zymex II, which is a digestive enzyme. I took this for the first 4-6 months I visited him and its used to treat SIBO I believe. I likely could have had it also, I never got an official diagnosis. I’d also check out peppermint oil and caraway oil.

Basically SIBO happens when specific bacteria live in a place they are not supposed to live and specific supplements can reverse it within a month or so. Antibiotics work too, but this needs to be avoided if possible.

There are some SIBO tests you can take at home and then send in to a lab, and they don’t cost too much. I just wonder whether they are as effective as going into a dr’s office or not. It sounds like they are not a problem to do on your own though: