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Thanks Raster.

I guess i just wanted to know exactly what i could and could not have from them. I was mostly concerned about the Oat Bran as the one on the diet is GF and my store didn’t have the GF one. If the different flours are cool, i can use different types to try different recipes which is awesome. I’m a month into the diet now and i’m not really missing sugars or carbs, but i would like some different textures and taste in my diet. So if oats aren’t good for me, than i’ll avoid them completely.

i also noticed some of these items, even the ones listed in the diet, have small amounts of sugars and carbs in them. Are they still okay?

Can I just email them asking what items i can use on a candida diet? Will they know what i’m talking about and give me correct info?

I live in California, so going to there store is a no-no for me. If anybody lives in LA, there in all of the Ralphs, but i’m guessing the ones in better areas have a better selection. I’m going out to Burbank tomorrow to see if they have the Coconut Flour there.

Sorry for all the questions. Just want to make sure everything is right.