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Its important to find one good doctor and stick with them. All naturopaths dont always utilize hemeopathy, some dont really use it much at all. A good one will find any problem and treat it the best way that works for you using diet, nutrition, herbals, medications, detox etc etc. You might have a heavy metals problem, a good doc will safely test for and treat that when the time is right. Here’s your plan-

Establish a good diet that works for you. A no sugar, hypoallergenic diet is a good place to start. Follow something along the lines of the candida diet. There are SO many people suffering from immune reactions to food that dont know it. If you really want to do it right, its a wise idea to eliminate all the typical allergen foods for at least a month and add them back in, one at a time, one a week, if you desire to. These foods are all gluten grains (including oats), corn, nuts, legumes (including chocolate, coffee, and peanuts), dairy, eggs, anything that came out of water, nightshades, and any herbals. Anything you do eat, rotate, meaning eat it only once every four days and keep a diary of the foods you eat and symptoms your having. An igg test is useful because alot of the time those reactions are pretty silent but can have a profound effect on immune function and gut health. Alletess has a 96 food test that is reasonably priced. This is the only real way to flush out any bad responses to foods you might be having and theres a very good chance you are. Symptoms are not only allergic ones, they can be anything really. At this point, I personally consider this a must for anyone suffering from health problems.

Find a GOOD doctor, STICK WITH THEM, and go through everything. Start with the problems you know you have and treat them. PCOS can be made a non issue. It takes alot of diligence and discipline, but pretty much everyone that treats it in the same fashion Katie spells out gets better. Do whatever you need to do to beat the infections. Work with the doctor to find and treat any underlying problems you might have. A good one will listen to you and follow you some on that. A real sharp functional/integrative doctor that works alot with herbal remedies and such or a naturopath is a good bet.

I think you would be amazed at how much better you could get from just sticking to a good treatment plan for the pcos and bugs, and theres always a chance diet could be you holding you back too.