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I also thought I’d share my wifes story about this because she has similar symptoms as you:

Basically my wife thought she had adrenal fatigue only and tried to treat this herself. It wasn’t working. She tried to treat candida half ass in the past but didn’t do it very long. She has had ruptured ovarian cysts for the last few years, stomach pains, brain fog, etc. She also has a bunch of black moles around her body, more than the average person. She did a strict diet, but it wasn’t nearly as strict as the candida diet and she made no progress getting better.

She went to my naturopath and he determined that both the yeast and parasites were attacking her ovaries because this is a weak link in the body. To remedy this, he gave her specific homeopathics that cleaned out her ovaries. He combined this with the candida diet and many of the supplements I am taking. He also tested her thyroid with the iodine test and she came up deficient in iodine.

She still had ruptured ovarian cysts for a few more months after going to him but hasn’t had any for over 4 months now. The unfortunate thing is that the toxins are now detoxing via her skin and so she is getting more moles around her body.

Her fatigue has been cured, her ovarian cysts have dissappeared, her stomach pains went away, and her brain fog went away. It took 6 months but now she is pretty much symptom free.

So if you have black moles on your body this can also relate to parasite toxins and your ovarian cysts imho.

So you could be similar to my wife but all it took was a special treatment from a very skilled naturopath. My wife didn’t do any testing either because your health problems can be treated without testing.