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delicaterose;51476 wrote: I had a feeling that was going to happen with the 23andme test as it tells you that you are more predisposed to others in a group of people. Which doesn’t mean that you are going to get the illness.

Thank you for letting me know about the alternatives. I tried buckwheat pasta and it did not agree with my stomach at all. Unless it was the tomato sauce/vegetables. The tomatoe sauce was really good organic stuff though. :S

Is there a test you can do to find out your ph? I don’t mean like litmus strips down below.. (which I have tried and were normal) but I’m wondering if my body is just overly acidic.

Stomach pains: I did a test for stomach acid and apparently i have low stomach acid. I took betaine HCL and digestive enzymes for a while but they didn’t help. Then again, I didn’t realise that I was gluten intolerant at the time- that is if I am. I do know, that when I ate food that contained gluten- I’d get stomach pains immediately after.

Tired all the time: well, I did get my thyroid checked and it was fine. How do I go and get my thyroid checked in more detail? I mean do you know what test I could ask for? I got my adrenals checked and of course they were completely through the roof. I haven’t been sleeping very well lately as I am literally scared stiff my problem won’t go away. If it doesn’t, then i’ll have a pretty miserable life to be honest. There are nights when I can’t sleep till 5am. 🙁

Sensitivity to gluten: I have had celiac and leaky gut tested for and I didn’t have either. I guess my stomach pains could also be due to my parasite?

I tried the black walnut and wormwood for some time and a few other things and well, they didn’t help seeing as I got the stool test done after taking them for a few months on and off under the instruction of a nutrionist/acupuncturist. I don’t think I experienced any die-off symptoms.

I know that when I eat coconut yoghurt I get really bad headaches.

Do you think this spanish test could give me some answers? Or could it at least eliminate things. Where could i get this done? I’ve tried googling but it’s coming up with translation in Spanish for blood tests. lol

I’ve had a complete digestive stool analysis test done by Genova diagnostics. Is that the same as metametrix?

Would it be better to go to a gastroenterologist? I know they wouldn’t entertain the odour issue but if i spoke to them about my stomach pains? I did briefly speak to gastro friend of mine about stomach problems. He asked me a few questions and I could see his eyes glaze over. I got the feeling he felt that it was stress related. I mean it might be part of the problem but it’s definitely not the cause of everything.

Well it sounds like you have a general inflammation and/or allergy problem if you get bad headaches after coconut products. Have you ever done anything to reduce the inflammation or address the allergies, either via a diet or supplements such as cod liver oil or vitamin C?

The thyroid test my naturopath suggests is the iodine test. You rub 2% iodine on your forearm and let it sit for 24 hours. If it absorbs within 24 hours it means you are deficient in iodine. If you are deficient in iodine, then your thyroid isn’t functioning properly. You then treat it by taking some thyroid stuff and iodine. Most people are deficient in iodine and trace minerals, so its a pretty widespread problem. I read online that this iodine test is not accurate and is widely debunked…I tend to trust my naturopath and his 30+ years experience treating cancer patients, etc. and I think the debunking of this test is a myth.

I also think you may be allergic to tomatoes which are high in sugar and are acidic. I would consider trying out the buckwheat noodles again without the tomato sause if possible. There are other forms of buckwheat such as the flour (breads), the groats (like rice), and cream of buckwheat (like oatmeal).