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Able, thanks for the reply. The probiotics I am taking are:

Metagenics UltraFlora-1 60 billion capsule per day
American Biologies Bio-Bifidus Complex-800 million B Bifdum, 200 million L-acidophilus(DDS-1 strain), 1 scoop per day
PaleoFiber which contains 7.5 billion of L-acidophilus and 500 million per serving.

I should also mention I was starting to go downhill a couple weeks ago and then I went and got a colon cleanse last Wednesday. Do you think the combination of already being weak and then the colon cleanse has wiped out my bacteria in my colon? I just dont know how its come back so quickly, I though I was doing better.

Obviously I havent repaired my immune system or this wouldnt have happened so quickly. This has happened before where I completely hit a wall. My natuorpath did an adrenal test and my cortisol is always extremely high. She told me this allows candida to proliferate because it messes up your blood sugar. I always seem to have a relapse right after a period of heavy emotional or physical stress. I just hope I havent lost all the progress I thought I was making.