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jereseib79;44983 wrote: Fast forward to today and Im having severe heart palpitations, tremors, anxiety, etc. I feel so weak now that just walking up a flight of stairs sends my heart pounding and Im completely out of breath. Not to mention all of the candida symptoms have returned. I am having bad gas, upset stomach, sore throat, thrush in my mouth, and Im reacting to every food again.

I was feeling better and had some energy returning but I have completely overdone it and crashed my adrenals.

I’m really sorry about your setback, Jeres.

Unfortunately, if you’ve actually ‘crashed’ your adrenals as you say, then you need to start from the beginning but without the cleanse. This is especially needed because of the way you caused the relapse. I’m not trying to punish you, by the way, I’m just telling you exactly what I would do if I were in your shoes.
One thing I would do differently is to forego the antifungals (other than virgin coconut oil) and continue with the probiotics, and hopefully you’re drinking kefir every day. Which probiotic are you on now and at what count? You obviously haven’t made a lot of headway towards reestablishing the beneficial bacteria, otherwise you wouldn’t have crashed the adrenals so quickly.

You should also follow the protocol on this link: Immune System and Adrenal Repair