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My dad says I have an eating disorder although his American diet seems less productive than my restrictive diet. My boyfriend’s family saw me go from eating deep dish pizza, cake, and fruits to eating vegetables and taking supplements only. I am now 4 weeks into the diet and can eat things like oat bran, kefir, and more filling foods to help me gain back weight and energy. Are you loosing a lot of weight?

If your friends are simply commenting on your diet then their cultural biases should not be taking seriously. A sandwich won’t necessarily heal you and if healing and feeling better are your main concerns then the unprofessional, unrelated advice from your loved ones should be politely dismissed. For instance, my father has no idea how good I feel after starting this diet; my boyfriend’s family doesn’t understand that “popping pills” is supposed to relieve me of discomfort, embarrassment, and a myriad of other issues that plague my life. And who knows, if these people have bad lifestyle habits they may one day be asking you for advice… Do not let commentary take you off the path of healing; after several more months of dieting they may stop griping at you and perhaps–if you don’t cheat–they may respect your zeal and commitment.