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Hey mooch,
okay, talking to someone with experience with lots of the routes of regular doctors trying to get me better, but I believe led me to candida now. Just be careful! A colonoscopy cannot really detect candida, yeast. It can detect inflammation and diseases such as crohn’s, colitis, etc. Plus, as you said, the redundant colon.

Remember, I don’t have my colon anymore. I had a colonoscopy, and the prep was awful. Mine revealed that I had a long colon, also. I had a colitis and compared to most people’s belief, I always had the constipation problem compared to the d part. I still had stool in my colon for the procedure, but the doctor said he was able to get thru, but it was rough. I think that is what led to me not having a colon all thinking it might help, but all the ppi’s and antibiotics before this messed me up. I know yeast built up probably due to the c part, too.

Also, I tried miralax before to help, and I hated it!!! It is not natural, and made me feel gassy, bloated. It is not really safe to consume. Have you tried to increase your magnesium to help you go? That can really get the bowels moving. There is a product called natural calm that makes an excellent tea at night that contains magnesium citrate that help.