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I had a colonoscopy when I was 24, long before I knew what Candida was.

They will not be able to discover any kind of candida overgrowth/bacterial/parasites with a colonoscopy. They will check for cancer and physical/structural abnormalities.

The prep for these are atrocious indeed. My colonoscopy came back squeeky clean with nothing wrong.

He said Im a bad pooper lol

This is not what you want to hear from a trained professional. I’m not sure I would buy this. I would ask to go over the x-rays and get a more detailed explanation. Have you have issues for your whole life? Or was it a result of anti-biotics, etc.?

I take Miralax when I need to as well, it softens stool and improves transit time. Slow transit time is one of my worst symptoms. Methane gas, Candida toxins will slow intestinal transit time for some folks, which hardens stool and causes constipation.