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Colonics are for people that suffer from severe constipation. If your not severly constipated colonics can be very expensive. Colonics might temporarily wipe out some of the good bacteria in the colon, but I think if you have enough good bacteria in the lower small intestine/upper colon it should recolonize the colon. Colonics can make you feel uncomfortable because of the water pressure and the stimulation of bile entering the colon. Don’t even bother with a open system. These can make some feel very nauseous(too much water pressure and pushing). Closed system is much better.

Colonics will not help much with die-off from anti-fungals. If you take an anti-fungal and the die-off happens within 4-5 hours of taking it then the die-off most likely is not happening in the colon. Betonite clay might help with die-off, but it can be constipating and dehydrating. Some have used molybdenum for die-off , but did nothing for me.

What kind of anti-fungals are you taking?