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Eat as many salads as your money can buy, fill your plate with every green vegetable available, and it should include as many onions, cucumbers, broccoli and bell peppers as the plate will hold if they’re available. No dressing unless you want to use lemon juice. Since you’re not going to be wasting your money on and eating junk food, you can make double-sized salads. If you continue to eat your salads plain, eventually you’ll adjust to this and your body will begin to crave the taste of the raw vegetables instead of the salad dressing.

Quote by Raster: “I would consider oatmeal or oat bran for breakfast, scrambled eggs, yogurt..”

Reply: Don’t eat oatmeal, but oat bran is fine. Eat only organic non-sweetened Greek yogurt, not the junk they have in the cafeteria, if they even have it at all.

Quote by Raster: Lunch, I would eat salads with chicken.
Dinner, I would eat meat and rice.”

Reply: Try to eat eggs or baked chicken as much as is possible in the cafeteria, and avoid red meat and pork as they will only make the Candida worse in the long run. And leave the rice out altogether, it’s a feast for the Candida.

Quote by Raster: “maybe consider potatoes and fruit, things your body can digest more easily”

Reply: Easy to digest food has nothing to do with the Candida’s demise. Feeding them or not should be the focus. Potatoes and fruit both will sustain the Candida and keep them multiplying.

A possible refund is a good idea. If you can get even part of your money back, it would be wise to invest in a hot plate if you’re allowed to have them in the dorm. This way you could at least boil eggs and have them as often as possible and cook some green vegetables now and then, of course you can cook the vegetables in a microwave as well. Purchasing organic eggs would be the wise choice. You can actually scramble eggs in microwave, if you’ve never tried that, this is how it’s done.
Use 1/2 to 1 tbsp. of water per egg that you’re cooking. (1 if the egg is very large, 1/2 for small or medium).
In a glass container stir together eggs and water. Cook on high power 45-50 seconds or on 50% power 1 1/2 to 2 minutes. Scrambled eggs should come out light and fluffy.

If you talk to someone about a refund, don’t mention the word Candida, people seem to think you’ve lost it when you do this and stop taking you seriously. Just tell the person that you’ve acquired an allergy to sugar and food that changes into sugar after it’s eaten, which is pretty much the truth. Most people will accept this much quicker than something that doctors in general don’t even believe in.