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Hello, Sammer.

Normally, the foods which aggravate “cold uticaria” are fish and shrimp. This is because these foods will often contain higher quantities of a specific preservative called benzoate. Look for this preservative in the foods you eat. Two products which may also contain it are energy drinks and sodas. So as you see, cold uticaria isn’t aggravated by ‘food’ in general, but rather by a preservative that may be present in of the foods one eats.

With some patients, the hives come on shortly after a meal, but the patients usually won’t have a reaction if they stay indoors for about half an hour following the meal. Chronic hives usually are accompanied by other symptoms like bloating, diarrhea or constipation, and occasionally thrush. If this or other symptoms of Candida appear, then of course Candida should be considered as part of the problem. This seems to be a factor in approximately 25% of people who have uticaria. In this case, it would likely take a sugar-free, very low carb, and yeast-free diet eaten for up to six months plus the antifungals in order for all of the symptoms to be cured.

My advice would be to go on the Candida diet for about 7 to 10 days, and then start adding natural antifungals one at a time to see if this makes a difference in some of your problems.