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I am happy that you decided to try the bone broth. It really is miraculous! No wonder it used to be made by women and grandmothers and it lifted a sick person out of the bed. Additional benefit for me is that it helps repair the intestinal barrier I lost, by repairing it I should really get better and not have any sensitivities and am hoping to get rid of the auto immune disease (just my own thinking, no scientific backup for it!).

Make sure to make the broth the right way though. Below is a good recipe I found online. At the beginning I would make a mistake of throwing bones in warm water and cook right away. Soaking them for an hour really does make a difference. I make a huge saucepan of it, strain and pour into jars in one-time doses and put in the fridge (you could freeze some too, but I usually finish it in couple of days so no need for that). Then in the morning you just take the cap off, microwave it, put some salt, parsley and chives, stir and drink your morning set of supplements with it. Cooking it doesn’t really take any of your time, you just leave it at the low heat, or if you have crockpot even better! I usually turn it on in late afternoon and let it cook for at least 12 hours overnight, sometimes more if someone is home to watch it.

Here is the link to the recipe:

Good luck and let me know if it helps! PM is best as I am not on the forum all the time. I will have guests for a while in December too and probably not be online much 🙂