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orka1998;31237 wrote:

My hands and feet get really cold and it’s so unconfortable, makes me feel anxious, anyone has the problem? does it mean I may lack some vitamins or minerals? thanks friends 🙂

I had it bad before and during strict diet or the treatment phase. It slowly got much better over time. I remember at the beginning of the summer, it would be 90 degrees outside and my hands would be ice cold. Scary, I know!

It helps to move more and get the blood pumping. Walk, do something around the house, do mild exercise (you would be surprised how few simple exercises that don’t seem to do anything get your blood going), drink hot tea or even better bone broth… all these things helped me in the past. Bone broth will for sure help with lack of minerals naturally. I still can have cold hands rarely, but it’s winter time and I do think it’s normal after defrosting my car 🙂

Best of luck to you!


Hi Arijana and thank you so much for taking the time and giving me a full account of your experience. It seems like mostly in the morning specially but drinking hot liquids helps greatly and yes i made bone broth and will be having it with breakfast tomorrow : ) i read how it helped you and was inspired by your account so i made some tonite yay! It is also winter here so that adds to the colder hands and feet. Will definitely try exercising lightly at home too so I will see how it helps. All the best and may your life be plentiful and filled with health!