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Lucylu wrote: I love sparkling water with plenty ice & a squeeze of lime… but Able advises against it! Able, could you explain that again please? Would it hurt every now & then do you think?

Hello, Lucy & Kty.

Club soda, soda water, sparkling water, seltzer, or fizzy water, not to mention sodas, are all carbonated drinks; this means that carbon dioxide gas was used to make the drink. This procedure is accomplished by allowing the gas to dissolve in large vats the liquid drink. Carbon dioxide is nothing but a waste product, in other words just one more toxin to add to the dangerous toxins that the Candida are producing for the liver and body in general to deal with. Another problem the drinks present to a health-inducing program is, when mixed with water carbon dioxide forms carbonic acid; this particular acid is known to deplete minerals from your teeth and bones.