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[email protected];58976 wrote: Please don’t write comments until you have thoroughly researched your topic. If you want to do coffee enemas, they detox the liver and if you know ANYTHING about coffee enemas, you know that it is NOT the same as drinking coffee!!! First of all, you only use ORGANIC coffee and it makes you feel great!!! If you want to know all about coffee enemas, you can type in Dr. Lawrence Wilson and you will have tons of advice and facts on coffee enemas. I have been using for about 2 years now and they are pretty safe if done correctly. There are lots of Drs. and nutritionists who recommend them, so don’t write them off. Do your research!!!

First of all, this topic is over 2 years old, so talking to people like they just posted it won’t get you anywhere.

Second, Able DID do his research, hence why he came up with such a well-written and detailed post. Everything he wrote is of concern for people who have candida, and there is way more evidence to support his information than yours.

Coffee is a stimulant and an irritant. Just because it works for some folks doesn’t mean it’ll work for everyone. I, like many others on here have an irritated gut lining and it will do no good for me. Coffee burns out your adrenals and causes unneeded stress for your body when you’re trying to heal.

In some people, it may help the liver, but when you’re suffering badly like me and many others on here, it’ll do more harm than good.

For people who just stumbled upon this post:

DON’T go an do this without doing your own research first. It is better to think this through than to accept the wild claims of one person.