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Able900;46834 wrote:
What are your symptoms at this point? This includes both die-off symptoms and Candida symptoms. Would it possibly be hazardous for your health if you lost weight at this point?


Able, I really shouldn’t lose any more weight. I lost 12 lbs the first week and a half, though I think I have stabilized. But I have a job that requires me to be active, strong, and work outside frequently. I was a thin, fit person to begin with and I think I’ve lost muscle mass.

As for symptoms, my main issue is the constant bloating of my intestines. Bloating after eating is what had me start the diet, but where I used to wake up with a flat stomach, I don’t any more. I”m guessing this is a candida symptom. It’s especially bad after my dinner meal, even if I don’t eat much. And I’m tempted to skip dinner even though i’m hungry. It’s a terrible pressure that feels like my lower abs are being pushed out from the inside. MY other symptoms are heart palpitations at any point throughout the day- these are usually brief. And a dizzy/wooziness that waves over me at various times through the day. This is usually brief too. I’m assuming that’s die-off?

My thought with the detox was mainly to try to clear out my intestines and see if it helped with the bloating. But, I feel like the a rutabaga I ate 2 nights ago cleaned me out fairly well yesterday, and I still had the pressure. I ate another last night and will just keep trying to consume them.

I”m not taking any probiotics right now. I was taking some during the first couple of weeks b/c I was on antibiotics for a sinus infection. But I thought they might cause the bloat, so I stopped them about 2 weeks ago. I have only been on homemade kefir for about a week now.
Any advice you could offer would be great! Thanks!