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dvjorge wrote: The only thing I don’t find clear is why eggs aren’t allowed when people are following a low cholesterol diet.

Because, Jorge, unfortunately as you and I both know, doctors are usually the last person to ask about nutritional information. They don’t actually ‘study’ the diet and nutrition, and in fact, they’re not at all fans of this form of treating any disease.

When I went for my lab work over a week ago, my own doctor told me that I was overdosing if I took more than 1000mg of vitamin C a day and told me that, if I continued, I would soon pay the consequences. If she had any sense of what vitamin C really is, she’d know that this is a water soluble vitamin which means it’s impossible to experience a dangerous overdose.

I didn’t intend to give her a heart attack, so I didn’t bother to tell her that for 15 years I’ve been taking from 1000 mg up to 10, 000 mg a day. I take 10,000 mg anytime I’m exposed to anyone else who is sick, which I assume is one reason that I avoid colds all winter long while everyone else I know, at one time or another, is suffering from the cold or flu. This is just one example of the complete ignorance of vitamins and supplements that our doctors have.