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dvjorge wrote: Thanks for your answer.

I was drinking almost a liter of Yogurt diary. It is very high in cholesterol. I also was eating too many eggs. I will use only the white to make coconut bread and will eliminate the yolks.
They are probably the biggest culprit.
I am taking Omega 3, ALA, Vitamin E and other things that help. Some people say CQ10 lower the cholesterol.
Niacin also does it but the side effects are nasty. Lipitor, I am avoiding it because liver toxicity. Still, the coconut oil is my biggest concern.

Dietary cholesterol has virtually no effect on blood serum levels. Especially with eggs, all of the nutrients are in the yolk so only using the egg whites is not really benefitting you.

What percentage of dairy yogurt are you drinking non fat is just as likely of a culprit to raise cholesterol as full fat the reason being is that low or no fat has a lot more sugar which causes your body to create more insulin. Carbohydrates are processed by the body and changed to blood glucose. The blood glucose is absorbed into the blood stream and then used for energy, especially in the brain and nervous system. If there is extra blood glucose that is not used for energy, the body converts the glucose into triglycerides. The triglycerides (also known as fat) are then stored in the fatty tissues for a rainy day. Stored triglycerides are what causes weight gain and can increase cholesterol. Saturated Fat on the other can could potentially cause cholesterol issues it has not yet been proven from what I have read, but the idea from saturated fats are that the more saturated fat in the intestines the more cholesterol can be absorbed by the body.

Cholesterol is a very important part of us it is in almost every cell of the body and is required for vitamin d production which is produced by the liver and essential I may point out you must already know, and your brain is full of it so reducing cholesterol in your food won’t make much difference if you reduce it your body will compensate and produce more. Eat a diet rich in fibre will also reduce it. It will reduce by pulling and binding cholesterol to the fibre itself and gets excreted through a bowel movement.

Krill Oil and Astaxanthin(Vitamin A antioxidant Carotenoid Family) will reduce cholesterol and c reactive protein levels in your body, which CRP is a much better indicator of your cardio vascular risk.