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Again thank you for the very useful info.

I’ve begun a few of the supplements/vitamins , and I realize it’ll probably take awhile to notice some improvement, the last few weeks were especially rough and only now is it calming slightly again. I still have to invest in the probiotics, I’m a little wary of some in that they have the same bifido/lacto strains from the previous one I tried, that worked at first but then they seemed to totally stop for me, it’s very frustrating and I read those don’t occur naturally in the body somewhere, I’m hoping to restore what’s left if any od my flora though I think I’ve done some irreversible damage too it which is very discouraging for me. I’ve always had a sensitive stomach but my issues or flares were never detrimental to my overall quality of life, just the last two years and a half have been horrible. I know it’ll take time I just prey I can get back to where I was somehow.

Something I forgot to mention though, I actually had my gallbladder removed over a year ago, which seems to have made things worse. I didn’t really know any better and I was told repeatedly that was my issue, I had some relief for a few months but then my symptoms returned with a vengeance.

Also , and this has really, really really been frustrating me too no end, lately I may manage to feel close to normal with my first two BMS in the morning, but my third or fourth that usually happen around 1-2 pm is always, always uncomfortable/painful or crampy beforehand, then my stomach feels messed up for nearly the rest of the day, usually I don’t have to go again after this. I’ve just been trying to eat better and maybe it’s lessened a little but not totally and I get so discouraged by this, why would my stomach feel nearly normal for an a few hours then just up and decide ‘oh hey, it’s time to make him feel like crap!’ It just makes no sense to me, I realize it can be attributed to constipation and my gastro said oh your colon walls get caked with stuff or something but I don’t really comprehend that at all.

I know I’m probably getting a little needy here and you’re not an answer-all (though you’ve been amazing so far) it just feels a little good to actually be listened to for once, I’ve gone over this with so many doctors and forums and they never offered such comprehensive and insightful advice that makes me feel a little hopeful again, so, I apologize if I’m posting or asking too much and understand if there’s some things you’re not sure about either, but thank you for replying so much.