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Firstly, thank you for the link… I’ll confess I have a tendency to overdo it and I should know better by now.

Secondly I’m ashamed to admit I don’t have a definite diagnosis, the SIBO was the only thing I was diagnosed with. I wanted to seek help from a local naturopathic doctor but my insurance doesn’t cover it (is it one of those things no insurance covers, like a chriropractor ?) and I can’t afford it right now. I’ve posted elsewhere on ‘cure zone’ and those whom replied felt it was either candida or a parasite, I realize complete strangers aren’t really the best to seek a reliable diagnosis from but it’s all I have to work with as my gastro doc keeps dismissing my issues as constipation, and to drink more water and take more fiber and myralax and it’s not doing anything.

There was a time that food seemed to pass through me at a decent rate, now I end up seeing stuff from days ago, undigested vegetables or rice and it’s a bit unnerving to me as this has only become an issue in the past few months

Forgive me if I keep going into TMI territory here.

I’ve had a colonoscopy and an endoscopy a year and a half ago, so I don’t know if something could’ve happened to that area of my colon beneath my rib. I’d tried probiotics, the usual blend of L and B and that helped immensely… But just for a few days, then I was back to having cramps and gas and being constipated. I experienced what I feel was a ‘brief’ die off reaction from those, for a couple days I felt as if I had the flu, aching a lot and headaches, but it passed and about a week after it just didn’t help me. I also tried life way kefir, but…I don’t think that did anything other than give me a lot of bothersome regurgitation, garlic gives me that too which I’ve also tried as an antifungal, yuck.

I know something’s off in my gut, I’ve developed a horrible sensitivity to eggs, oranges and steak, whereas I’ll get horrific cramping the next day before I have to go. I used to be able tolerate these things fine! I’ve always had trouble with dairy so I don’t consume any, I miss yogurt and ice cream so badly.

So… Yea, I’m sorry to ramble on I just get so worried, I’m kind of severely stressed out about all if this and I know that doesn’t help, but it feels good to be able to talk about it. I really wish I could see a naturopathic doctor as my gastro doc has been no help… In fact, things have just gotten worse in the last two years since I started seeing him! But, my insurance only covers the doctors that can’t seem to help me :/