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I wouldn’t even consider debating the fact that coconuts and coconut products in general are one of the healthiest foods we as humans can consume; I’ll just tell you why I eat coconuts, use coconut oil daily, and stir several tablespoons of coconut cream into Greek yogurt three times a day.

Coconut products do contain saturated fat, however, this is a healthy and beneficial fat which is easily metabolized and turned into energy. Regardless of what you read or hear, research has proven that coconut fat will not raise cholesterol.

Coconut oil is 50% lauric acid, and coconut cream is so full of coconut oil that a thick layer settles on top of the cream and must be stirred into the cream before using. New mothers are encouraged to breast feed their newborns for many reasons, one of the major reasons being the lauric acid in the breast milk. Lauric acid protects the baby’s health by converting into a compound which is a strong disruptor of the membranes of fungus, viruses, and bacteria therefore destroying them. Inadvertently, lauric acid targets many bacterial infections, influenza, HIV, and herpes for just a few. This all explains why, on average, breast-fed babies experience less sickness, colds and infections than bottle-fed babies do, and as adults we can obtain plenty of lauric acid in coconut and coconut products such as the cream and oil.

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