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Able900 wrote:

Though, may I ask further about this? I have an almond flour at home which only contains 4g carbs per 100g (it’s also ecological), though, my coconut flour contains 18g carbs per 100g. How come coconut flour is better?

That’s because more people with a Candida infestation have problems with almond flour than with coconut flour. When it comes to taking chances with problems, less is always better. Go ahead and try if you want to, you may not have problems with it as this is something that can’t be predicted.

I just looked the Red mill coconut flour up. It contains sodium. I though that was restricted? This makes me confused.

Can I ask where you read the sodium is restricted?


Sorry, I think I’ve mixed sodium/sorbitol, and also, the almond flour too contains sodium. I’ll try the coconut bread, it sounds yummy! Thank you for the recipe 🙂 Do you know about psyllium? Is it allowed?