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Positivo wrote: Do you use bobs red mill baking powder? I saw that this one is aluminum free but it does contain starch. I would like your thoughts on this as I plan to start doing this this week to replace buckwheat and oat bran in my diet.

I used the Rumford brand which is found in most supermarkets in the US. It’s aluminum-free but it does contain cornstarch. Apparently this isn’t a very noticeable amount however; I used it every day throughout my treatment at the rate of several slices a day and never felt a reaction as far as the Candida. I was lucky because I could feel reactions from food that the Candida fed on within a few hours of eating it. This made it easy for me to eliminate different foods. But like I stated, never a reaction from the coconut bread.

However, if anyone receives a reaction from coconut bread, just like with any other food, it should be avoided for a week or so, then it’s up to the individual as to whether or not to test it again.