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TK1331 wrote: I am allergic to eggs… any advice on how I can still make this bread with an allowed substitute? Also – I’m concerned about how I am going to get enough protein on this diet, espcially since I read in the posts that chicken/fish should only be eaten 3-4 times per week. Any advice is appreciated!

Hello, welcome to the forum.

Since you can’t eat eggs, you’ll just have to get your daily proteins from chicken and fish; of course organic chicken would be the better choice. In addition, the proteins in kefir are complete proteins and are already partially digested so they’re more easily broken down and utilized by the body. There are 14 grams of protein on one cup of kefir; this is a little more than the amount in one hamburger patty.

As far as what you can use in place of eggs in the coconut bread recipe is concerned, you probably already know that there are egg substitutes available in supermarkets. The problem is, generally the less number of fewer eggs needed in a recipe, the easier it will be to use a substitute. If a recipe calls for one egg, an egg substitute would work better than a recipe requiring three or more eggs. Of course, the coconut bread recipe calls for six eggs.
Ener-G Egg Replacer is one brand of egg substitutes.