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Hi guys,
I just baked a similar bread according to this recipe: Paleo Coconut Bread
(the reason I tried it first instead of the bread recipe from here is that I found coconut flour being pretty expensive (I’m planning to start making it myself a bit later) and I already had some desiccated coconut in my cupboard)

I omitted honey and vanilla and made a half of the batch just to try it out. I also substituted milled flax seeds for eggs, But at the end I added one egg, because I felt the batter could do some more moisture.
It turned out pretty well, though I feel that it could have a bit less of a desiccated coconut texture (I didn’t succeed to grind it well).

It would be nice if someone already experienced in baking coconut breads from Able’s recipe tries this one out and compares their feelings towards both!