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There’s “coconut cream” which is like a liquid, the stuff they sell at TJ’s that has additives and I have never seen anywhere without additives, and then there is “coconut manna”, also called coconut cream, which is just pure coconut and the most amazing thing ever. It’s also called “coconut butter” sometimes. If you can find the kind that comes in a box (I’ve only found it at one natural foods store), it’s usually really cheap, like $2.79 for 7 oz where I saw it. If you can only find the kind in a jar (aka coconut butter), it’s usually like $10+/jar at Whole Foods, etc. I don’t get it, except that companies are greedy, but basically it’s like a cross between cream cheese, peanut butter, and coconut oil, except not as gross as that sounds, and it tastes amazing in everything and on its own. I ate like 1/3 jar by itself the other day :p