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The coconut bread is very dry!! I could barely choke it down! But when you’re starving…!! 😉

I make these little pancakes now. They are much, much better. At least to me! After eating that coconut bread! I mean coconut brick! 🙂

1.5 C- Coconut flour
1.5 C- Buckwheat flour
1 can coconut milk (just coconut & water can)
1/4 C-Lemon juice (or Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar)

I used to mix it in a bowl, but then I figured just to pour it all in a gallon zip bag and mix together. Just kinda keep mixing it till its a crumbly kinda texture, but all the milk and vinegar is incorporated. Put it on the counter and let it “soak” over night.

Then next day (I kinda just eyeball everything)to make the pancake mix, I pour out about 2.5 cups of the mixture into a larger mixing bowl. Add 4 eggs, 3 teaspoons baking powder, 2 teaspoons baking soda. You can add cinnamon or whatever you want at this point too.

Then just pour in water and mix it up. Add enough water to get it to a pancake batter consistency. Then heat up a pan or griddle, lightly oil it with some coconut oil to get you started.

Then just start making little pancakes. I make at least half the bag and make mini pancakes and eat them for snack and stuff. They are REALLY good compared to brick bread! I like them, since I can eat it. It’s soft and you can get used to it easier than the coconut bread. Plus you can put them in a bag and take them in the car. I do frig them, but I like them better at room temp. But I’d put them in the frig when I’m done with them. They are my life saver on this diet!

Tried the ghee, ah…not good. Skin broke out before the day was over. So…just sticking with my little pancakes for now.

Give them a try, they’re good! 🙂