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RYANCREST;42119 wrote:

so I have been strict on the diet. eating only meat and vegetables. cooking with coconut oil.

Hello, Ryan.
What kind of meats are you eating and how often?

Where did you get your protocol and diet?

also, I noticed that i didn’t have this until i started adding the coconut bread to my diet. I think Im eating too much of it. but its the only thing that keeps me full. the first time i made the coconut bread which was last friday, I had diarrhea the next day. (I had eaten like six slices)
I had a lot yesterday too, and then I saw the rash. I did notice that after I took a hot bath, the rash went away. I dont want to give up the coconut bread because at least it is helping me keep weight on which is hard for me and more importantly helping me feel full!!! I cant stomach buckwheat. and I dont want to add any grains if I dont have to. so its either coconut bread or be hungry constantly

Finally, I hope this forum is up and running again. I have had so many problems logging in the past few days!!!! =0 Actually, Ryan, I decided to back off the coconut, too. I have really been narrowing down my flours lately. At first, I thought it might be the millet or buckwheat, etc. Actually, it is the coconut. For some reason, I start to get digestion issues, headaches, brain fog, etc. right after I eat it. I didn’t put the connection together till a few days ago. So, now I am sticking to millet or buckwheat. Cream of buckwheat makes a good cereal in the morning. Also, I think since the coconut bread is so high in fiber, it might react with my gastroparesis, 2 tbsp. is 6 grams of fiber. Now, I can handle like 3g of fiber in a 1/4 cup of millet. It is hard to pin-point sometimes. Also, like Able said, I added in oat flour this past week, and I found that I can handle that! Yeah!!! One last point, yes, I found too many eggs can bother me. I can eat them, but I am sort of limiting them right now, or try not to put too many in recipes, just the whites, or more water/liquid. Too many eggs in some recipes; try to make substitutions. I hope this helps!