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Hello Sam,

I think you’ve eaten too much coconut bread. When we state that you should try something out and wait a few days for reactions, we don’t mean “eat the item a whole bunch to see what happens.” What we mean is try a slice, a half of a slice, a quarter of a slice and see what happens…not 6 slices, lol!

If you eat too much in general this can cause “bloating” and I am unsure whether this should be considered a “reaction” or not. I would look at it more as a cause/effect type thing…you ate a bunch of food and what kinds of problems can this cause? Bloating? Sounds pretty normal to me…I had a big meal the other day and I had bloating from that, but it was from food I’ve had throughout my treatment…

The red spots, etc dont sound very good and I would consider this to be an allergic reaction. I would stop the coconut bread (maybe freeze it) and then try it again in a week or two to see if it happens again. I never had this kind of reaction personally except to foods not on the allowed foods list.

I eat 2 slices per day and feel that this is a good healthy level to eat it at; I would not overindulge in any food items and try to balance your meals so that you have 3-4 portions of everything for those meals. For example, for dinner eat a salad, buckwheat, sausage, and a slice of bread…this would be better than 4 sausages and a whole bunch of bread.