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Papaya is definitely a no go – no fruit whatsoever (aside from lemon juice and avocados)

Green pea flour would also not be recommended.

After the initial detox, one of the first things folks test adding back in is coconut flour, and there are several coconut bread recipes on the bread recipes part of the forum. This is high in fat and calories and filling. Once you get your own recipe down, it’s also pretty darn good! I think everyone has their own little tricks (I like to put coconut milk in mine to make it more moist).

You can also make biscuits/muffins out of buckwheat and oat bran once you add those back in (about 2-4 weeks in you can start testing new foods one week at a time).

Here’s the thing…a lot of folks on here are in your same boat, self included. I have lost about 20 pounds on this diet, and I was skinny to start…now my skinny jeans are too big! However, after the first 10-14 days, the hunger and cravings went away, and my “hangry” problems also started to disappear. My body adapted to the new foods, the initial die-off was done, and the detox of getting off all those crap foods was past…suddenly my body could start getting back on the road to normal! Also, you just have to get a routine going with the new foods and get about 5-10 meals you can rotate through and cook easily and simply.

I don’t know about the enzyme thing with raw foods…steaming is supposed to be the best way to cook veggies, but honestly, I can’t digest raw veggies very well and I think steamed ones taste boring, so I saute, bake, or boil most of my veggies. I like to do blended soups and greens as well.

I have also actually found that I don’t miss snacks as much as I thought, now that I’m a couple months in. My snacks now are generally small meals – a bowl of soup, some veggies, yogurt with granola (see the recipe on the recipe forum), or the like…

I also love avocados!

My weight loss has generally flatlined now…I think most people drop some initial weight then even out, then once the infestation is gone and the beneficial bacteria are repopulated, gain some of the weight back and get to a healthy place.