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Able900, thanks for the heads up on the oatmeal. I assume that I’ll be able to add it back into the diet once I’ve reached the 3rd phase.

Alex, thanks for the tip on the coconut oil. I have my own coconut palm, plus several of my neighbors supply me as well. I process my own coconut oil. I made a salad dressing of lemon juice, fresh garlic, fresh grated ginger, Himalayan salt, cucumber and coconut oil. Turned out pretty good, but definitely needs a palate cleansing afterwards. I also have my own papaya trees. Am I to assume that they are a no-go for now as well? The sugar content is almost nil.

Are there any acceptable snack items? Like maybe something made with green pea flour and shredded vegetables of some sort? I’m terribly hungry, and losing more weight than I want! At 109 and dropping, I can’t afford to lose much more.

Steamed vegetables have always been my choice. However, doesn’t that kill the valuable enzymes needed for the detox? Same question goes for soups. Or are you referring to cold soup processed in a blender?

Also, what’s the rule on vegan cheese?