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You are more fatigued now because your body is diverting all of its energy towards healing.

I totally feel you. I am not active in the athletic sense, but I have a million activities and jobs and it is SO hard to only be able to accomplish a fraction of what I used to be able to do in a day. I have also quit dancing temporarily, my one physical activity aside from yoga, but I hope to be back on stage by my groups’ fall performances (I perform with two different groups).

Even just going to a 4-day gaming convention (where you just stand around or sit around and play games…not high impact, here) completely wiped me and set me back about a month and a half, I’d say 🙁 I didn’t cheat with food and still got rest every night, but it was too much activity for my fragile body to handle.

We just have to be patient and let our bodies heal.