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This last weekend I was dying to get out so I went to Utah and went canyoneering. I brought all my food with me. I camped for three nights and we did really, really easy approaches/hikes to reach our canyons, which were also quite easy. Between lack of sleep and the little bit of exercise I was completely wiped out. I’m talking fatigue to the bone, literally. I had to call in sick to work for two days and am still not recovered from it.

What I don’t understand is how this horrid fatigue has become so much worse over these last few months. I used to go through ups and downs where I’d have tons of energy, sleep normal, think clearly, eat normal amounts, feel good, etc. Then all of a sudden my body would turn “off” as I describe it. I would get fatigued, not be able to sleep, had horrific hunger all the time, ached, etc. It was a continuous cycle.

I had my fourth shoulder surgery 3 months ago and I feel like my body has not recovered from it overall. I’ve had horrible tiredness and fatigue since then. I haven’t been back to the gym nor have I done anything outdoors like I used to until this canyoneering trip last weekend.

My question is: Has anyone else dealt with this? I’m certain I’ve had Candida for years, so why would the tiredness and fatigue be hitting me so hard and not going away since my surgery?

I also ended up getting sick, which I’m still battling. I cough all night, horrible, swollen sore throat, etc.

Needless to say, I will be trying to take it much easier now… But this is KILLING me! I’m an active person and I can’t stand just hanging out all the time and not going to the gym! I’m supposed to be getting 2 level disc surgery in my neck soon hopefully, so that will force me to have some more down time as well, but I’m itching to get the energy to go back to the gym.

I’ve heard oral thrush and fatigue are the longest lasting symptoms and I really can’t deal with this fatigue for the next months to years!