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The liver cleanse involves taking super milk thistle, 2 herbs, and artichoke extract…rotating all of these every week (so 4 supplements in 4 weeks). Then I start again until it runs out. I don’t want to mention all of what I am taking because I am not a medical practitioner. I also have a documented liver problem found from some testing I did recently.

Candida toxins can damage some of your organs such as kidneys and liver and thats why recommend molybdenum on the forum to help cope with the die-off and to protect these organs. My naturopath didn’t want me to take molybdenum because it’d potentially remove some trace minerals in my body which is another problem that I have (demineralization). He has given me a homeopathic to deal with die-off instead.

Sommer, I’d check out the protocol if you haven’t already…you might be able to get yourself to heal faster than your current plan: