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I’m currently 4 days into a veggie cleanse; on day 5, I am having colon hydrotherapy. If I keep going for 6 days, will that still constitute a good cleanse? I am conscious of how underweight I am – I am even feeling quite faint from lack of calories. Could I eat an egg and not undo the cleansing effects?

Since you’re already underweight, I would go off of the cleanse today and start eating more food right away; one day of the cleanse isn’t going to make any difference, and you need food worse than you need to continue the cleanse.

Also, I have experienced stomach pain since last night. I think this may be due to keeping on the betaine, even though I am only eating veggies. Could it be the bentonite? This is something I added in yesterday (along with molybdenum, vit C and zinc).

I would stop the bentonite and any detox drink you’re taking now along with the cleanse. Go ahead and start the diet . The vitamins are fine to take, but if you’re stomach is bothering you, I would take them all with food.

Finally, if I do start the strict diet on day 6, should I wait at all to start anti-fungals and probiotics?

With your present condition, I would give the diet at least a week or longer before starting antifungals or probiotics.

Before you making any changes which the protocol calls for, always consider your present condition first. When you’re unsure about whether to make a change or not, ask the experts before doing so.

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