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I am so glad your condition is food-related! That means you can probably overcome it with this diet. It seems you’ve been really strict with your approach; I’m confident that your efforts will aid you. I got the following Swedish bitters:

Flora Swedish Bitters Non-alcohol 8.5-Ounces

First I got the smallest bottle. After doing some research I decided that the bitters are one of those remedies that does not harm the body but rather helps it produce its own acids (at least that is what I read). The Betaine HCI is another story. I have read good and bad things about them but I do not plan on using them for a long time for two reasons:
1. It does not help my body produce its own digestive juices (from what I’ve read)
2. Able did not use betaine to recover from Candida and he is the true success story here

Have you considered the fermented foods? I swear they are doing me some good.