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Good question. I’m not sure if all those who have a Candida overgrowth are low in iron. I know that I am. However, I have never, ever been told that I have low iron until the Candida overgrowth. Correlation? Maybe. I guess once I kick its butt I’ll have a clearer picture as I’ll continue to get my blood tested every three months.

I’ve been told that iron should be at least 30 and mine was below that and got lower even after starting to take a liquid supplement. I was told to take the ferrous sulfate, but I balked at that as I didn’t want to take a manufactured compound. Plus, I knew that I would be starting the Candida Diet soon, so I thought that I’d stick with what I’ve been taking.

I would get your iron tested and then re-tested every three months for a short amount of time (a year to get a good indicator perhaps). Like me, you have state health care in Sweden (correct?), so getting your iron checked should be no issue.