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Thomas wrote: Hi Guys!

I wonder if its possible for a Candida infestation to be the underlying factor of a Chronic prostatitis? I am walking with my doctor through the jungle of my symptoms and sufferings. Some of my symptoms worsen to a point where all the signs point to a Chronic prostatitis. The Doc checked the urine and a finger check of the prostata and said everything is ok.

Well, this didnt give me much peace of mind because my sperm is not as it should be but full of blood and looks like I would be a woman having her monthly bleeding. When I told this to him he only says, ah that’s not bad this can be normal some small blood vessel which broke. Yes, I thought. But not every-time in 6 month?! Long story short. I went and checked the internet. And lo and behold I found that there is a sickness called Chronic prostatitis which exist in two forms. One is a bacterial and the other and none-bacterial inflammation of the prostate.

I even read that inflammations can come from the intestines and guts affecting the prostate. There is no way I can talk to him about the possibility for a none bacterial but fungus inflammation. Last time I tried he washed it away with the fact that this is impossible. If Candida would spread through the body I would be dying now. Only very very sick people in the last stages of life are affected like AIDS patiences while dying.

Its impossible that I have a Candia going around in my body and causing inflammations. I only wondered about the subject and if you guys have experienced such a thing as I or if there are is research done in that area.

Chronic prostatitis is said to be a inflamation of not known reason.
Maybe its because of Candida? What do you think?


You have me. All my tragedy with candida began as a blood in my semen. I was diagnosed with Chronic Prostatitis of unknown cause. I was given several antibiotic rounds that ended destroying my GI tract and worsening the prostatis. Your case is the same as my in 2008.
Yes, it was candida what caused the prostatitis and my bloody semen time to time. The semen turned more liquid and yellowish in color.

How I ended with that ??

I took Itraconazole and Lamisil that cleared the UT candidiasis until today.