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jennyska wrote: Hey 🙂 I have decided to put this topic here, because Christmas is coming and I would like everyone to share their anti-candida possible christmas varieties 🙂 I am going back to slovakia this christmas and I know how my family is going to force me to eat and say to me that problems of my face are not a result of my diet and that I should eat. But I want to fight so I am in a need of good christmasy yummy things 🙂 Uhm, I think it should be in a recipe forum, but nevermind 🙂

Very good idea! I plan do do something with a organic chicken. I havent eaten any meat other than fish and getting a chicken would be great already for me.
With it I will make myself a big fresh salat with fresh Koriander and lime.

A big problem is not being able to drink a glass of wine. I enjoyed that every Christmas to have some red wine.

But well, I enjoy being healthy more than feeding that devil called Candida. 😉

all the best