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Angor wrote: I’ve been following the enema discussion closely and I think it makes a lot of sense but what I can’t wrap me head around is why it isn’t curing you … I mean, many claims that the candida “comes out in heaps”, and I’m thinking, how much can be in there? Our body is not endless like the universe. And once out, shouldn’t you feel sooo much better?

The answer to this is so simple, and it’s been explained before.

You cannot cure an overgrowth of Candida albicans by killing off the colonies of fungal yeast.

The only way to destroy an infestation is to change the entire environment of the digestive tract (below) to an unsatisfactory terrain for the growth and repopulation of Candida albicans. As long as they have a satisfactory environment in which to thieve, they will continue to do so and they will indeed multiply. By the way, this is true regardless of what you’re eating; in other words, whether you’re on a Candida diet or not will make no difference in the long run because unless the environment is changed, the fungal growth gene will continue to be turned on for the Candida yeast and they will be able to change to their fungal form, and given the time, they can and will eventually adapt to just about anything you feed them.