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Angor wrote:
Chris, can’t you tell us a bit more about this mental setback which caused you to relapse. What kind of mental setback and what did it have to do with your relapse, and how was your relapse like?

My gut problems are a direct result of chronic stress and returning depressions which I have been dealing with for a very long time. When I have a mental setback the negative energy always accumalates in my gut, creating problems for my digestion and whatnot (we all know that stress supresses the immune system aswell). This also makes me eat more then I should. My candida therefore is in a direct connection with my mental situation. My relapse included a return of digestion problems and some other candida symtoms.(my diet was not so good aswell).

Angor wrote:
I’ve been following the enema discussion closely and I think it makes a lot of sense but what I can’t wrap me head around is why it isn’t curing you … I mean, many claims that the candida “comes out in heaps”, and I’m thinking, how much can be in there? Our body is not endless like the universe. And once out, shouldn’t you feel sooo much better? Did you have a total relapse? Are you still eating according to the protocol while doing the enemas?

The coming out in heaps was mainly in the beginning with me. Lately there is far less coming out. It cant go on forever you are right, and please also realize that we need candida to live. You cant get everything out.
Im still experiencing die off however, and feeling better afterwards. But, it doesnt seem to last because I am not comfortable in my skin. You cant look at this thing completely allopathically. I am not in a healing state of mind, nor do I have hope that my mind will all be fixed any time soon. I did not have a total relapse though. The relapse was not like my situation before the enema’s. I was doing a lot worse then, because there was so much garbage in my colon. So much constipation and bloating back then. But not anymore. However, my health situation is still not well.

I am not eating according to any protocol. I find it impossible to stick to a candida diet. I really dont like salades, and I dont like to eat lots of vegetables, and to top it off it all makes you feel weak and hopeless. Food shouldnt be a punishment. Last time I forced myself on a strict diet, I totally fell back in depression, not helping my progress at all. I am not going through that ever again.
I am however not eating any breads anymore, it bothers me too much. No alcohol either. I might have this thing called leaky gut, but I cant be bothered to worry about that aswell.
Another thing that is supressing my progress is my smoking. I have had sleeping problems since forever, and have been countering that with smoking joints in the night. If I dont smoke, I dont sleep.

I hope this clarifies my situation. If not, feel free to ask.